Welcome! Our agency specializes in serverless B2B and B2C apps for startups & enterprise.

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For Contracts

We prefer working with clients who are willing to engage with our core beliefs & values.

  • We reject any system in which people are arranged via assembly line for maximum output.
  • We do not participate in contracts where scope, budget, and timelines are pre-determined by other teams.
  • We prefer short-term iterative development cycles over long-term fixed-scope waterfall.

For The Work

The key to successful software lies in collaborative planning & development.

  • We believe in pull-based workflows.
  • We believe in non-hierarchical teams where developers, designers, and testers work together to make decisions.
  • We replace daily stand-ups with daily slack updates and frequent video/gif demos.
  • We replace hourly tracking & estimations with visualizations of throughput.
  • We prefer collaborative tools like Notion, Figma, and Webflow over authoritarian tools like JIRA, Pivotal, and Rally.

For Hybrid Teams

We'll ask you to educate your internal team regarding our philosophies and boundaries.

  • We ask you to respect and support the practice of antiracism in tech.
  • We ask you to value diversity & inclusion by remaining open to feedback and criticism.
  • We ask you to respect our preferred protocols, hours of availability, and personal boundaries.
  • In return, we will dedicate our time, energy, and emotional commitment to your cause.

Getting Started

Our kick-off process is designed to save time, effort, and mental health.

  • We begin all new engagements with a limited-participant get-to-know meeting.
  • We will discuss your strategy, high-level goals, existing resources, and overall budget.
  • You will receive a proposal regarding scope, staffing, and a do-no-harm contract.
  • If necessary, we'll begin learning your system by pair-programming with your existing team.

Let's connect!

Leave your name, preferred method of contact, and a few potential times for our first meeting.